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St. Anne’s N.S. Uniform

 Navy round neck red- trimmed school jumper or navy red-trimmed
school cardigan with school crest
 Navy trousers or skirt or box pleat pinafore
 White polo shirt
 Navy socks or tights
 Black shoes or boots

PE UNIFORM:(To be worn on PE days only as specified by class teacher)
 Navy ¼ zip with white and blue shoulders and school crest.
 Navy tracksuit bottoms
 White polo shirt
 Black runners

Rings, Earrings, Jewellery and Makeup

Items/styles that may be worn:

  • Watches (not on swimming days – to avoid loss or damage)
  • Stud earrings – one per ear
  • Any item required to highlight a certain medical condition e.g. medic alert bracelets

Items/styles that may not be worn:

  • Rings of any description
  • Necklaces, ‘chokers’ Pendants, crosses & chains
  • Elaborate hair decorations with sharp points
  • Hair dye
  • Bracelets
  • Body piercing
  • Earrings – other than plain studs
  • Body art / tattoos
  • Hair art/engraving
  • False nails
  • Heelies
  • Any item not mentioned above that may be a distraction to learning

The Board of Management, in the interest of health and safety, has decided that only stud earrings are permitted in school. Under no circumstances will pupils be permitted to wear drop earrings or facial piercings.

Make up/Hair

Pupils are not permitted to wear any make up in school.

Hair should be neat and tidy-hair dye is not permitted.

St. Anne’s N.S. uniform and tracksuit are available from the
following shops:
Niall McCaul, Lower Main Street, Bailieborough
P. Finnegan, Lower Main Street, Bailieborough

All parents/guardians were surveyed in May 2023 in order to streamline our uniform for the 2023 2024
school year. Uniform above has been agreed upon based on this survey.

Oct 30
Mid Term Break
Dec 22
Christmas Closing (1/2 Day)
Dec 25
Christmas Holidays
Jan 08
Re-opening after Christmas
HURLING @ St. Anne's National School Bailieborough
Day 1 of a brand new term done and dusted.
Celebrating our 5th Green Flag for BIODIVERSITY + our 2nd Active Schools Flag
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