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Science Week 2020

This week is Science Week 2020. 8th - 15th of November. Each class will be taking part in some fun science experiments.
Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020

This week is Science Week 2020. 8th - 15th of November. Each class will be taking part in some fun science experiments.You will also find more photos in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Ms Keogh's 4th Class

For science week 4th class took part in lots of activities. First in their pods, they made volcanoes out of paper maché. They then erupted their volcanoes by mixing baking soda with vinegar to create a gas called carbon dioxide. The second experiment they did was how to make a bouncy egg. They left a hardboiled egg soaking in vinegar for 3 days. The acetic acid in the vinegar and calcium carbonate in the shell reacted together to create a rubbery textured egg. Finally they took part in lots of STEM activities where they created various structures out of different materials.



Ms O Kane's Class

Room 6 were bubbling over during Science week. They were busy making Volcano's with coke and fanta. They also did the rainbow skittle experiment and made their own lava lamps.



Ms O'Donnell's 2nd class

Ms O Donnell's second class have been learning all about Space during science week. They designed and created their own rockets using materials they collected at home.


Ms Fannin's Senior Infants

The budding scientists in senior infants have had a fun week trying out different experiments for science. We did the skittles rainbow experiment, we tested surface tension and they especially loved making their own lava lamps.


Ms McKenna's Mixed 1st/2nd Class

Ms McKenna’s 1st & 2nd class did the skittles experiment. The children discovered what would happen when water was added to skittles. The skittles were put together in a pattern on plates.
All children worked very well in their pods on their experiments.



They also did the rain cloud in a jar experiment for Science week. The children used pipettes to measure food colouring and water into shaving foam and water to create rain clouds. Great work 1st & 2nd!



2nd class did a Science experiment to see if the petals in the white roses would change colour when we added food colouring to each jar of water.
We will have to wait and see what will happen over the next couple of days!


Ms O Neill's 6th Class

Well done to Mrs. O'Neill's 6th class boys and girls who put together a virtual science fair which was live streamed to the other classes in the school today. The boys and girls put in a huge amount of work and their experiments were a great success.


Ms Fox's Junior Infants

Junior infants had a busy day making playdough, creating a classroom rainbow, and watching the effects of mentos sweets on coke!!



Ms Smith's 1st Class

1st Class had lots of fun in school this week celebrating Science week by putting their scientific and engineering skills to the test. They built a boat that would float using plasticine. They had to build their boat in a way that it would carry small animals across a basin of water without the animals sinking. After lots of trial and error and lots of splashes it worked! Well done 1st Class. You will find more images in the gallery below.



Mr O' Connor's Mixed 5th/6th Class

5th and 6th class have started science week off with a bang and getting through lots of different experiments. Have a look and see what they got up to.



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