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June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

Ms. Donohoe’s Retirement

After 41 years teaching in St. Anne’s NS, Ms. Donohoe, our Deputy Principal, will retire this summer. Ms Donohoe has taught as a class teacher and learning support teacher during her long and committed teaching career. She served in St. Anne’s NS as a teacher, post of responsibility holder and most recently as Deputy Principal. Ms Donohoe volunteered her time and skills to parish committees and especially to local choirs with whom she helped raise funds for many deserving local causes. There was detailed preparation and a high level of excellence in any project Ms. Donohoe was involved in and she was fully committed to the children in her classes. She will be remembered fondly for guiding many young Bailieborough boys and girls through their most formative years. We wish our colleague a long and happy retirement and thank her for her example and courageous leadership in our school, parish and community.

Marathon Relay

The Marathon relay fundraising event organised by St. Anne’s NS Parents Association was a great success this summer. Our pupils did a fantastic job securing sponsorship to a total of almost €5,850, which exceeded all our expectations. Our Junior Infant classes launched the marathon early in the morning and a continuous relay of runners for the following two and a half hours brought our first school marathon to a successful finale. There was much fun and hilarity along the way on a day in which every child and staff member was encouraged to participate and enjoy. The Parents Association and St Anne’s NS wishes to thank everyone who contributed while ideas are being explored on how best to use these funds to benefit the children. Details will be communicated as these ideas progress. See our website for photos.

Standardised Tests 2021

Each year schools use standardised tests in reading and mathematics with children in 2nd,4th and 6th Class.

Some standardised tests were updated in 2019/’20. It was expected the new tests would produce slightly lower and more evenly distributed standardised scores.

Tests were not administered in 2019/20 on Department of Education orders as school closures made the standardisation of scores inaccurate. However, this year the DE has asked us to administer Standardised Tests again. They will give us a ‘snap shot’ of your child’s learning in a particular part of a subject. However, your child’s score relates to that of a child who would have had an uninterrupted year in school without long periods of school closure and remote learning. However we need some form of assessment and we will use these tests to help us plan for next September. To get a better understanding of your child’s learning and progress during the year, it is important to refer to all the information in your child’s end-of-year report. Standardised test results cannot paint the full picture.

6th Class

There are many moments towards the end of the year when we think back on the boys and girls in sixth class and their 8 years in St. Anne’s before we bid them best wishes as they begin the next phase of their education. In recent weeks they have met with teachers from their secondary school to smooth the path of their transition next September. Sixth class have sat their tests, had invited speakers in and taken part in some extra enjoyable activities. Thank you to teachers, SNAs, members of our community and everyone who was involved in organising these last few weeks for our sixth class.

Exploring our Locality

Many classes have enjoyed trips around the locality in recent weeks since the DE advised against taking long bus trips this school year. We are very grateful to the many people who helped us out. We are fortunate to have many wonderful local amenities and such a rich heritage.

Cycling lessons

The children in 6th class have completed a very comprehensive and useful programme in cycle safety. The programme was conducted over 6 weeks and catered for children at all levels of cycling. The word from the children was that it was “class”. We would like to extend our appreciation to Cavan County Council and “Bike Green” for making this important programme possible.


GAA coaching resumed in school this spring and there was great excitement when Aidan McCabe brought the Anglo Celt cup to visit St. Anne’s NS to show all our pupils. Hopefully our County football team will find their form for the Ulster championship and the cup will remain in Cavan.


Dates for First Holy Communion and Confirmation have been announced. Unfortunately, these sacraments could not be organised before the children left school due to Covid restrictions. Confirmation will take place on September 4th 2021 at 14:30 while First Holy Communion will take place on September 11th at 11:00

End of Year

Many people helped to make this broken year run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate the part played by families and we want to thank you for your cooperation with our Covid 19 plan. Thanks also to our pupils for adapting with such good humour. We want to acknowledge the work done by Aisleen in our office, Cathleen, Martina and Charlie who clean our school each day and bus drivers who also faced new changes to how they went about their business.

It appears we will continue to face restrictions in the coming school year and we hope we can continue to adapt to operate school as effectively as possible. Safety will remain a priority.

We wish all our pupils a great summer break and we look forward to seeing you again in the autumn.

Oct 22
Hallowe'en in St Anne's
Oct 25
Mid Term Break
Dec 22
Christmas Closing (Half Day)
Dec 23
Christmas Holidays
We are super lucky to have a lake right beside our school. Some of the children went out Kayaking this week and enjoyed the lovely weather.
Cavan Sports Partnership and Bike Green are currently running two cycling courses in our school
School Marathon Relay - Fundraising Event
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